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Welcome to the Be the Best you can Be! Programme

Be the Best You Can Be!

Who is the Be the Best you can Be! Programme intended for? Put simply ....EVERYONE!

Tens of thousands of young people from many backgrounds, are currently engaged in the Be the Best you can Be! Programme across the UK and, through the coaching/enhanced facilitation skills involved, ALL are enabled to follow their own unique learning journey to achieve their full intellectual, physical, social and spiritual potential as responsible individuals, citizens and member of their community.


What is the aim of the Be the Best you can Be! Programme?

There is a spark of greatness, something special and unique in everyone and Be the Best you can Be! is designed to unlock more of each individual's untapped potential and is the translation of inspiration into action.

With all that is going on in the world today, our aim is to help young people to take more control of their lives. A key to unlocking these attributes is through the power of attentive empathic listening and generating ownership through effective questioning (known in business as GROW model 'Coaching').

Why does coaching work?

Below are three videos where our wonderful coaches explain how coaching works.


Why is the Be the Best you can Be! Programme so special?

We have brought together more than 20 years of experience in Self-Managed Leadership and Coaching Skills from the most successful Personal Development Programmes in Business and Industry. Our Programme brings enhanced facilitation skills to Education with the aim to improve performance, learning and enjoyment - three intrinsic human motivators. Our overall intent is to increase the self-awareness and self-responsibility of EVERY young person we reach.

" ....My future has been planned all because of Be The Best You Can Be. If it were a person I would thank it. I have discovered the values for life and the future ahead of me."


Below are five videos where our coaches explain why the Be the Best you can Be! programme works.


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